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其实个人对重金属和死亡摇滚类的音乐接受度很低,习惯让耳朵舒服的慵懒声音,但这首torn to pieces 感觉还不错。  电吉他、贝斯等摇滚乐器居然和这淡淡忧伤的歌曲搭配得还不赖,不过摇滚乐该有的东西,这首歌也都有。  喜欢轻摇滚感觉的朋友们也许会喜欢,没有重摇滚的强烈侵略感,多了些情感,少了些嘈杂。


Here I sit all alone like an airplane

On the edge of a sky full of solid gray

Staring at the ceiling, tell me that I’m dreaming

Oh, I wish you were here today

All these days I know I’ll never get back

All these words I know I wish I should’ve said

All these dreams that we had now fade to black

Try to wash it away

I’m torn to pieces, I’m broken down

I still see your face when you’re not around

I sit here in misery wondering if I’ll ever be

Half the man you wanted me to be

Here I float through the air like a waterfall

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